Let’s create your signature style and design

Building an image starts with a great logo. This is followed by creating your own design elements, colour palette and constructing various printable materials. It helps to be recognisable, outstanding and distinguishable from the rest of your sphere. So they can notice and remember you. Representing your own valuse system, taste and style.

What does an Own Brand mean?


  • unique, personalized logos
  • own, harmonic colour palette
  • representational materials, prints
  • own banners, posters and businesscards
  • social media appearance
  • a website that fits the overall scheme
  • ontent and marketing material that fitst your brand

What should we think over if we would like to build our own?


  • what kind of logo I would like
  • what are our exact products and services
  • what kind of atmosphere would we like to create
  • what are our favourite colours and forms
  • what style do we have in our heads? Modern, Antique, Vintage, Minimal, Artistic, Boho?
  • What if our man ars poetica, message, represented value?