Lets build your marketing strategy and connect with your target audience

…. If you would like your audience to get to know your existence and message, it is worthwhile to build a simple and effective marketing plan, so you can be visible forthem. If you already have a marketing strategy, but would like to revisit it or add other socialmedia or tools, we will take a look at it if needed.

What does marketing mean?


  • beginning steps, market research and data analizing
  • advertising your products and services
  • reaching your target audience
  • connecting audience and customers with your business
  • taking care of social media platforms
  • marketing online and offline
  • building good reputation, trustworthiness and professional credibility

What do we need to think over if we want Marketing services?


  • what platforms do we want to advertise on?
  • what kinds of products and services do we want to advertise?
  • who is our target audience? Do we want separate ads for each of our products?
  • what is the budget for the project?
  • who is responsible for it? Me, our partner or a marketing agency?
  • what is our ars poetica,valuse and massige we want to represent?
  • what style do we want to communicate in? Official or casual?