Creating and running your own social media harmonizing with your website and project.

Social media has completely changed the advertisment area and the way servicers and customers can create relationships. We can create a style and audience that fits our brand and goals and resonate the best to our message, and build more personal relationshop with the customers. You can choose from several social media platform, and we still recommend the good old big ones: Facebook, Instagramm, Youtub, Twitter, Pinterest and Vimeo. .

What is social media and why is it good for our Business?


  • running media profils
  • keeping a relationship with our customers and partners
  • sharing content and information, buildng professional credibility
  • presence on the market and besides our fellow practicioners
  • marketing and sales
  • sharing our products, services and events

WHat should we think over if we want Social Media?


  • what kinds of platforms could we be present at?
  • what do we want to publish?
  • how often do we want to create content?
  • who is target audience?
  • do we need english or hungarian or other language contents?
  • what photo and video content do we need exactly?
  • do we want free or charged marketing?